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Monday, July 14, 2008

WACAP weekend

This last weekend Chris and I traveled to Seattle and attended a WACAP weekend. WACAP is the adoption agency that we plan to go through. We learned so much about adoption and what to expect when we bring our baby home. After talking with the Thailand program coordinator we decided that we would be open to adopting either a boy or girl. We felt that if we were to have our own biological child we would not get to make a decision on the sex so we have decided to put it into Gods hands. Chris really felt inspired by this weekend and I felt a bit discouraged. There is so much to know about children who have been living in orphanages. So many things from developmental delays to malnutrition. It would bring tears to anyones eyes. Although it was hard I know more than ever that this is the path that God has choosen for Chris and I and I cant imagine doing anything else. Please pray for Chris and I that are homestudy is approved quickly and that we can get the adoption ball rolling.


Shannon said...

I will assume you guys were too busy to stop by...:)I can't wait til this weekend to hear all the details. I don't think any of us can comprehend what it would be like for those children in orphanages; what a gift you are giving and, of course, getting by adopting!

Tami said...

Another big step accomplished before you become a mom and dad. You really can't go wrong with a boy or girl. Looking forward to hearing about it, too.

Hannah said...

Hi - I found your comment on Gemma's blog and stopped by to check out yours. We are a WACAP family who went through the unidentified infant program...we've been home with our son just over a year. Check out my blog (and feel free to go through the archives) and welcome to this wonderful journey!

Hannah said...

Hi Rindy! It wouldn't surprise me if Andrea showed off a picture of Jesse - I send her enough of them :) Plus there are not that many families THAT go through the unidentified infant program compared to waiting children or other countries. I'd love to connect with you - feel free to email me anytime:mrs_listopad(at)yahoo(dot)com