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Monday, August 11, 2008

So, I dont have much to report in the adoption world other than that are paperwork has been finished and now the program director and coordinator or looking over then to make sure we qualify. We had a very successful adoption fundraiser yard sale this weekend thanks to some family members and friends who donated items. I want you all to know how very much I have appreciated it. We made 800.00 dollars in two days. I was astonished and am in awe and that way God works. I feel with all my heart that he blessed our yard sale ( he knew it was going to a good cause). We actually had a few random people donate money. Its amazing at how special adoption is and that so many people realize that. My brother had his baby today he is 5lbs. He came a month early. His name is Grady John Tontz. He is the most precious thing. I felt nothing but complete love for that little person. It was very hard for me at first wishing that it was me who had just delivered a newborn baby. I felt myself becoming a little envious but my husband said something to me that really meant a lot. He said, "Rindy almost anyone can have a natural baby thats not hard, but not everyone can adopt." In a weird way I felt as if God chose Chris and I for this and that we should feel honored that he believes we can be the couple for the job. It truly sets us apart and I feel makes us unique!


Stacey said...

What a guy that Chris is! He sure is the one for you isn't he! Awesome job on the yard sale--I didn't even know you were having it this weekend, I would have stopped by and done some shopping! Congratulations to your brother, 5 lbs is just a little guy :) I bet he's adorable.

joy said...

PRAISE GOD! I'm so amazed! That's so awesome Rin. That has to be so encouraging! I agree with Chris. You guys are going to be incredible parents!

grammasnotes said...

You have a very wise husband -- and you're one smart cookie to have picked him. One step at a time. We'd be too scared if we knew what is ahead. You guys are great, Rindy!

joy said...

I think you and Luke do have a neat bond. He is a little lover- like you. Although he hasn't bonded with my eyebrows yet. :)

What did I even do that was hilarious? You were the dancing queen out there. I was just trying to keep up.

Shannon said...

I am sure about $795 came from the clothes I donated. Size 18 is soooo IN. Congrats! Sounds like you are in a really good place right now and it is so great to hear...Love you little thing.

April said...

Hi Rindy,
I was happy to see a comment from you on my blog. We adopted through Holt and our daughter, Grace (aka Prim), has been home for just over a year. I know you must have SO many questions, I know that I did so I would encourage you to go on WACAP's forums and get connected with the families on the boards. It was a lifesaver for me!! Our time line was a big longer b/c we originally were adopting from Vietnam but God obviously had other plans for our family. Grace was considered a waiting child at the time (she was 10 months) because the whites of her eyes were a bit blue and they thought that could mean an assortment of medical issues or it could be nothing but she had to be classified as special needs. So, we didn't wait for a referral, we saw her on Holt's waiting child page and had to switch countries after we were accepted to proceed with adopting her. Grace is completely healthy with no eye issues at all so we feel blessed that she has had a healthy life thus far! It did take us 10 months to travel, she was 21 months when we arrived in Thailand. I'm sure if you read one of my latest blog entries you will get an idea of how our experience with toddler adoption has been. It has really been an experience that is hard to describe in words because there are amazing blessings and lessons in things that are difficult. I can say with an honest heart that after a year (and boy does it go by quickly) Grace has found peace in our family.
I do think that there is a difference between foster care and orphanage care and how the children may experience their bonds. One thing that really thrilled us about Holt is that the children were in foster care and really given complete one on one attention. For us it was a good fit. I am not familiar with WACAP's program so please don't think I am critiquing theirs! This is just what I liked and appreciated about Holt's.
I would love to answer any questions that you have and if you have time maybe you could read through the archives on our blog. We documented our time in Thailand daily and maybe it can answer any other questions. Please feel free to email me with any questions:)
Congratulations on your decision to adopt!! April

Kam said...

Hi Rindy, My name is Kam and my husband and I are adopting from Thailand through WACAP! Our son is two and his special need was premature birth along with a few other issues. We have our USCIS fingerprinting appt. this coming Tuesday! And I can't wait for the ones traveling to Thailand next week to come back with new pix and video of our "Joel"! I found your blog today and wanted to say hi! I have just been dying to find someone else out there adopting from Thailand! We live in GA and have two biological daughters. My husband is a youth pastor. I LOVE that you have Crowder playing on your blog! We have met him...our daughter (8) had a lemonade stand for Passion four years ago. We met Louie and became aquainted with them then though we have been attending Passion events for years. We live about 12 miles from the Passion house. Anyway, that was long! Sorry! Would love to follow along and see what God does for you and your husband!