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The Crib

Okay so we struggled a little to get the crib together. At this point Chris just wanted me to walk away. Photobucket

Its not quite finished but its a start!


Emery's Room


Monday, August 11, 2008

So, I dont have much to report in the adoption world other than that are paperwork has been finished and now the program director and coordinator or looking over then to make sure we qualify. We had a very successful adoption fundraiser yard sale this weekend thanks to some family members and friends who donated items. I want you all to know how very much I have appreciated it. We made 800.00 dollars in two days. I was astonished and am in awe and that way God works. I feel with all my heart that he blessed our yard sale ( he knew it was going to a good cause). We actually had a few random people donate money. Its amazing at how special adoption is and that so many people realize that. My brother had his baby today he is 5lbs. He came a month early. His name is Grady John Tontz. He is the most precious thing. I felt nothing but complete love for that little person. It was very hard for me at first wishing that it was me who had just delivered a newborn baby. I felt myself becoming a little envious but my husband said something to me that really meant a lot. He said, "Rindy almost anyone can have a natural baby thats not hard, but not everyone can adopt." In a weird way I felt as if God chose Chris and I for this and that we should feel honored that he believes we can be the couple for the job. It truly sets us apart and I feel makes us unique!