Lucky Girl!


The Crib

Okay so we struggled a little to get the crib together. At this point Chris just wanted me to walk away. Photobucket

Its not quite finished but its a start!


Emery's Room


Friday, December 25, 2009

The Awaited Referral

Wow, I have not blogged in a long time. I really have not had much to blog about regarding our adoption. I now have the best news ever, we have recieved the referral of a healthy baby girl. She is beautiful!!!!! She is 10 months old and her birthday is in January. The same month as mine. We also got a video of her playing. I really cannot explain the feelings that came over me the night we got our refferal. It was honestly the best day of Chris and I's lives. I just bawled when the Thai coordinator from our agency called. Her words were, "Its a match made in Heavan." I would love to put pictures up but we cant do that until we actually get her. We are going to name her Emery and keep her Thai name as her middle name. Our family and friends have been so amazing. They are just as excited as we are. You should see all the amazing things she got for Christmas. I play to put up pictures of her room as soon as we get it finished. We are anxiously awaiting carpet for all the bedrooms in our house. So....... as soon as that is here I will be keeping everyone up to date more frequently! What an amazing God, we serve!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Enchantments

So I thought I would show and tell everyone about one of my goals for this Summer. This is a picture of lake Colchuck and the moutain above it is called Asgard Pass. Just over the mountain is a spectacular set of lakes called the Enchantments. They are all glacier filled lakes so they have the same blue and turquoise hue that colchuck does. They are all in a bed of granite rock you can see all the way to the bottom. I haven't been there yet but I have heard and read about it. We plan on going mid-July. Apparently it takes approximately 3 hours to hike up Asgard and its quite a grunt! We plan to camp up there for three nights! Since last Summer I have really gotten into hiking and I really enjoy it. I say this with the risk of being corny but Wow God has created some of the most beautiful things!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


After finding out that our file was officially approved by the Thai Red Cross we were told we have anywhere from a year to two years before we get a referral. I am starting to feel discouraged. If anyone out there has any advice or what the wait was for them I would love to hear it. I know that each and every case is different but hearing some encouraging words would be nice right about now! We have already started on our litttle persons room. We our assuming it will be a little boy because that is the majority of healthy babies that come from the Thai Red Cross, but I am waiting to paint because knowing my luck I would paint all boy colors and end up getting a little girl (:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Wait is on

Well finally we have a little to update everyone on. Everything has gone so smoothly up until our file to Thailand. Our dossier was recieved by the Thai Red Cross on December 31st we had to be formally approved by the Thai board in order to be put on the waiting list. WACAP could not give us a definitive timeline so we waited and prayed. Finally the director of Asian programs for WACAP went over to Bangkok last month and visited with all orphanages. We were then informed that we had been approved in February Woohoo!!! We were also told that our file had gone on to the DSDW. Of course me being me panicked and sent several emails asking what this meant. I thought that maybe some questions had arised about us and that we could possibly be denied. I was told by the Thai coordinator that no Rindy you have already been approved and that the DSDW is like the departmen of social and welfare services here in the states. So everything has to go through them. After reading through the paperwork on the process I am still a bit confused about the whole thing usually your paperwork does not go to the DSDW until they have found a match for you so either they have a child in mind for us right now or I dont know. YIKES I hate not knowing.