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Thursday, April 30, 2009


After finding out that our file was officially approved by the Thai Red Cross we were told we have anywhere from a year to two years before we get a referral. I am starting to feel discouraged. If anyone out there has any advice or what the wait was for them I would love to hear it. I know that each and every case is different but hearing some encouraging words would be nice right about now! We have already started on our litttle persons room. We our assuming it will be a little boy because that is the majority of healthy babies that come from the Thai Red Cross, but I am waiting to paint because knowing my luck I would paint all boy colors and end up getting a little girl (:


Robin and Kyle said...

Hang in there, Chris. The wait can be really long, but SO worth it in the end! We were with a different agency, but waited 7 months for a referral in 2007, and then about a 6 month wait before we got travel approval. For our second child, we're expecting a wait much much longer than that, as our agency's Thai program has more families now. It can be hard, but you can do it!

Kam said...

Hang in there! Our process {though with WACAP but for a waiting child} has been faster than anticipated. So glad to see you blogging and hope you get great news soon! Have fun getting that room ready!

Kam said...

sorry for two comments...but wanted to tell you that our son is at the trc as maybe when we go, you'll have a referral or when you do get your referral, i can share pics with you if i'm able to take them of other children! you never know...

if nothing else, i can share with you about the trc so you'll have a good idea of what it is like. we have friends who visited our son a couple months ago and they were VERY impressed with the trc and the staff there.

joy said...

Hey rin,
I understand the waiting must feel discouraging. Hang in there. Can't rush a masterpiece and that is what God's creating in your family. I'm praying for your little one and that the process is fast and smooth as possible. love you

Chris Rindy Eakle said...

Robin and Kyle,
Do you mind me asking what agency you went threw? Also, did you adopt a waiting child or a healthy baby? I am just so full of questions, and there are little answers available ):


Chris Rindy Eakle said...

I would love to get more information from you about the TRC, and about your baby boy my personal email is


stacy said...

Hi, there. I'm a teacher in Wenatchee, too. My husband and I are just starting the adoption process and considering WACAP. Do you recommend them? We are also looking closely at Thailand. What made you choose Thailand over other countries? It sounds like the process takes so long. I wish you luck! Any advice you have would be appreciated. Where do you teach?

Nichole and Craig said...

I know what you mean about Looonnnggg waits. Our file has been in Thailand since June 2007. We are adopting through the DSDW healthy child quota. We are hoping that we will have a referral soon.
I hope your wait goes quickly for you.
Nichole - NS Canada

Julian+Sam said...

Hi Nichole, We are adopting from Thailand too but we are in Australia. When we started the process the average waiting time for an allocation from when your file was in Thailand was 18 mths, but we have now been told that there is an increase of files in Thailand and that DSDW has announced the new waiting period is 3 years. Here in Australia we have around 40 files over there waiting for allocation and most people have had their file there since 2007. And one family since 2006. Sorry to tell about the long wait, but I think it is better to be realistic and then maybe get a surprise earlier. DSDW made the announcement of 3 years waiting times back in February. Another factor is that this is the Native land Tour year in Thailand which means all the departments resources are taken up with that. It happens every second year, and is a wonderful opportunity for adoptive children to go back and meet with their orphanage and even meet the Thai Princess. DSDW does all the arranging and I think several hundred families world wide go over for it. So DSDW are very stretched with staff time at the moment and our social worker doubts there will be any allocations until later in the year when the tour is over. She has noticed a slow down happens each Native land tour year. Our file has been there since 4th May 2007. Cheers,

Wyndee said...

Hi there! We adopted our oldest daughter from Thailand in 2004 when she was 13 months old. Although the wait is long and gets SO discouraging, please hang in there. Someday you'll forget about all of the tears you've shed while waiting, I promise!