Lucky Girl!


The Crib

Okay so we struggled a little to get the crib together. At this point Chris just wanted me to walk away. Photobucket

Its not quite finished but its a start!


Emery's Room


Monday, April 26, 2010


This message is going to be short but I need to get it out there. My papa (grandpa) had bypass surgery last Thursday. He was a lot sicker than they had thought. He has slowly made improvements but is still in the ICU. He has been taken off of the ventilator and they are trying to wake him up. He is slowly coming to but things are not 100%.

My papa, family, and I are in need of prayer. I know that if you don't ask you will not receive. Please pray that he will heal and come out of this okay. We need all the prayer we can get.

Thank you!

Monday, April 19, 2010


It has been two years since I was diagnosed with endometriosis, and two years since we started the adoption process. It has been an eventful road that God has led Chris and I down but also an amazing one.

As a child, you imagine what your life will look like; who will you marry, what will your children look like, what kind of career will you have. In all honesty, I did not imagine that this would be my life and this would be the journey that God would take Chris and I on. I married the most amazing man, who loves the Lord and loves me. I could not ask for anything more. I became a Special Education teacher, a job that is extremely challenging but I love it.

Because of my great love for all children I have always imagined myself as a mother, and yes I imagined it in the more traditional way (pregnancy). I don't want to pretend that it was easy to find out I would not be able to have children, to give up on a dream of having a child grow inside me, to be with them from the moment of conception but God has taken me on a different route one that I can only assume is and will be just as amazing. I feel privelaged and honored.

I have been thinking so much about life and how important and fragile it is. I know that everything happens for a reason. I am sure this post is a bit random but I have been thinking about life a lot. I recently had a close friend that has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer and then yesterday my grandpa had a massive heart attack, and I continue to wait for my precious little girl to be put my arms. Please don't get me wrong I have wonderful life it just feel like a lot right now. I know that life is a journey I continue to fall back on Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

We continue to wait for our To whom it may concern letter. It is getting harder and harder! The Thai coordinator from our adoption agency (WACAP) has told us 6-7 month until we will here more. At the end of April it will have been 5 months since we recieved our refferal. Is this normal to wait this long? My heart aches to hold Emery and each day it gets harder. Our adoption agency will be visitng Thailand again in May. Hopefully at that time we will get our letter. At this point we are just waiting for the Thai board to meet and issue the letter. I believe they meet every other week, and am assuming they have a stack of files to go through.

Her room is starting to come together. We have really enjoyed decorating it, now we just need our sweet little girl to be in it. We have a few more big items to get; dresser, rocking chair, more decorations to hang, and of course more clothes & toys. It is really weird, I am starting to feel like wow I am going to be a mommy soon. It kind of feel like the night before Christmas when I was a kid. Except I have no idea when Christmas is going to come. In my heart, I feel that God is telling me to hold on it is coming. I pray every day that she will bond with us right away and that motherhood will come easy to me. Its nerve racking becoming a mom for the first time.

I will continue to try and keep the blog updated, although there is not a whole lot to talk about right now! Soon though very soon!