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Friday, June 27, 2008

Thailand Adoption Video

This is a video I found from youtube of a girl who volunteered her time in a an orphanage in Thailand. It is really neat!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thats alright you can be as nosey as you like I am happy I am the same love hearing others stories:) Well in our case as we are in australia we have a different relationship with thailand, all of our adoptions have to go through the australian government community services department (who had to approve us)we dont have private adoption agencies. Then our file is handed directly to the department of welfare in thailand who make a match for us. As private agencies are not involved and as the children are from thai government orphanages the wait for allocation and collection appears to be about 12-18 months from once the file is recieved, we wont hear about our child until bascially close to when we would collect them. Problem Australia has is the bit before our file went to thailand, it is really slow and takes a lot longer as it is with the government dept so our file got moved around the desks a fair bit. So it took us a year to be approved in Australia (which I shouldnt complain about as some couples wait literally years to be aprrovd) and our file went to thailand in Feb of this year. When making a decision on our adoption we stated a child under 2 and of either sex. As we really dont mind and I like surprises. One thing I will say as you might not be aware that in thailand it is a bit different to china for example, as Thailand is known for having more boys available for adoption, so I know other couples who have requested a girl and been told the wait would be a lot longer as there are less girls - so maybe ask your agency about that, although of course as your country has a different adoption relationship with thailand your waiting times for girls could be different. Not sure if you have had a look back on my blog but at the start of it I have some wedding photos you might be interested in looking at as we were actually married in thailand in a traditional ceremony, as you can imagine it was completly and utterly different to a western wedding! Lots of reasons why we decided to adopt, and this will be our first child but we would like a big family by adopting again and also have biological children in the future if possible, but as James says one step at a time :) I get very enthusiastic about beign a mummy.
ps my hubby is a serviceman too he is in the defence force
ps you will find there are a few other bloggers with links on my blog you will find are closed as they made the access private just to bloggers they had got to know as they have recently picked up their kiddies.

joy said...

cool video. Pretty powerful.

Tami said...

Where you at? I need more from you!